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Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs, and More

With almost 25,000 square feet of retail greenhouse space in Lebanon and 10,000sq ft in Lancaster, we are large enough to have everything you could want or need, but not so big that it takes all day to find it. Below is a list of some, but certainly not all, of the items we offer. Please call for availability and pricing:
Lebanon: 717-272-8447
Lancaster: 717-397-4424


We grow an exceptionally broad range of annuals including today’s hottest varieties such as Proven Winner Supertunias, Sweet Caroline sweet potato vines and ‘King Tut’ papyrus, as well as all the old favorites such as impatiens, marigolds, and pansies.



We offer several hundred varieties of perennials for all areas of your landscape. A few examples for a shady location are hosta, astilbe, coral bells, and forget-me-nots. For sunnier applications a few possibilities are daylilies, shasta daisies, dianthus, and black-eyed-susans. If there is a particular variety that you are looking for, please call, as our inventory is always changing.

Hanging Baskets and Patio Containers

With as much modesty as one can muster: we grow the most beautiful hanging baskets and patio containers this side of the Atlantic. Basket sizes start at 10” and go up to 20”, which is huge when fully grown and perfect for even the most stately of homes. All of the patio containers and larger baskets are combinations containing three or more plant varieties which are masterfully arranged and planted in-house by one of our expert gardeners. These are simply stunning.



vegetable plants
Fueled by better taste, needing to save money, and wanting to “get back to nature”, vegetable gardening has become very popular in recent years. We grow over fifty varieties, some of them heirloom, of tomato, pepper, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, and melon plants. Early in the season we have seed potatoes, asparagus roots, strawberry plants, onion sets, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, celery, cauliflower, and leeks.


We offer a large number of herbs for culinary, aromatic, and medicinal uses including several varieties each of basil, oregano, thyme, mint, rosemary, sage and many more.


Suitable for steep banks or any large area you would like to cover, we have pachysandra, myrtle (vinca, periwinkle), and English ivy.


We carry a full line of deciduous and evergreen shrubs to beautify your property year after year. Whether you are looking to compose a formal boxwood hedge, or brighten up a dull corner in your lawn with a hydrangea, you’ll find what you need to create those visual anchors in your landscape.


We offer three types of premium-grade double-ground mulch in bulk quantities: black dyed, brown dyed, and hardwood. In bags, we offer the three listed above plus red, pine bark mini nuggets, and cocoa shells. We also carry several types of organic-matter soil amendments to improve the quality of your soil including peat moss, mushroom compost, composted manure, and peat. Potting soils are available in grades of economy to professional in various sizes.

Garden Accessories

In addition to exceptional plants, we offer numerous accessories to make your landscape or patio beautiful. Whether it be our large Malaysian pottery collection, stately cast-iron urns, granite birdbaths, or wrought iron obelisks for your climbing plants, we carry those unique garden accents to make you the envy of the block. We also stock many different types of plant food and insect control products to ensure that your plants look great all season long.